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About Foundhers: The Female entrepreneurs journey

Our intention when producing this film was to answer a simple question, what does it take to start a business. Which lead us to seek the answer by profiling several women that have created their own businesses. These women are a diverse section of society, all in different industries and age groups – but they all have one thing in common – they are entrepreneurs.

It is fascinating how each of these women have differing views on life, personal development and success. Just how much they have sacrificed to forge their own path and have much they have gained from the risks they have all taken.



FoundHERs Documentary Film

This film is an exploration of what drives women to follow their dream, vision, and passion to become an entrepreneur and her unique approach to business and life.

It asks the question: ‘Are some women destined to be entrepreneurs or do circumstances play a greater role’? Can we find deeper meaning and discover more about ourselves in this process? And can these be answered in the struggle of starting a business? 

Women from several industries from all walks of life, inspire this film while encouraging those starting out, or considering entrepreneurship, to find their talent and go for it. Some have chosen to start business later in life as well as those leaving different industries. 

We hear about the joys and the challenges, what motivates women to come out of employment, education, the home or other life circumstance to follow a path less travelled – to work for themselves. 

The Entrepreneurs

Katharina von Heusinger

The Golden Bone Bakery: Pet Dog Treats & Health

Katharina has two manufacturing facilities and dog and cat treats

With a pharmaceutical sciences and animal husbandry background, Katharina makes unique dog treats out of her two manufacturing facilities –  one utilising a  social enterprise.  

With her sights set on the international market,  Katharina has made sustainability and animal health the heart of her nutritious products which is paying off for her conscientious customers and innovative brand alike.

Belinda Scott

Puctto: Retail Fashion Technology

Belinda created a new digital platform to improve the online shopping experience

As an Innovator and entrepreneur Belinda saw an opportunity to make online shopping more efficient for shoppers and retailers.  Belinda and partner Crystal came together to design and create Puctto a brand new digital platform to improve the online shopping experience for customers by allowing them to virtually “try on” products before buying. Belinda has another exciting venture she is embarking on in the tech space with some exciting partnerships.

Jude Kingston

Mind Your Fashion: Fashion & Mental Health

Jude's charity Mind your Fashion is designed to raise awareness of mental health in the fashion industry.

Jude has a 30 year career in the international fashion retail landscape as a buyer and is a global fashion expert. After experiencing first hand bullying behaviours from working in the industry, depression, stress and anxiety set in highlighting the need to raise awareness for mental illness in the fashion and creative industries to effect a change. And with that, Mind your Fashion is a charity to effect change within the industry..

Molly Dunkle

Dunkle: Science & Cosmetics

Molly created her own lip balm and eventually became the founder of a cosmetics line and beauty brand.

Dunkle was first influenced from home during high school, alongside her environmental chemist father. Molly created handmade lip-balm at just 16 in Colorado. Now with a growing Australian brand name in beauty products, Dunkle uses raw materials sourced direct from the farm. Dunkle stands for diversity in beauty, who’s vision of makeup is inclusive, diverse and celebrates all skin tones.

Mel Taylor

Mellow Games: Independent Game Developer

Mel, a game developer, is creating Blueberry to present trauma and grief in an unconventional way.

One of Germany’s popular game developers embarked on a thought provoking and emotional journey through a platform game called, Blueberry. The storyline tackles trauma and grief in a unique and unconventional way. Mel Taylor from Mellow Games has started her own gaming company in Brisbane with the support of Screen Queensland to develop a surprising and impacting game for her new studio.


Michelle Feenan

Engagement Plus: Consulting, Events & Development

Michelle is the founder of a consultancy and splits her time between running an estate in Stanthorpe, Queensland.

Michelle founded a community engagement and facilitation consultancy in Brisbane and splits her time running the beautiful Ridgemill Estate in Stanthorpe, QLD alongside husband Martin Cooper. Michelle lends her business insights to scale the development of boutique cabin accommodation in the Granite Belt. But that’s not quite it for the entrepreneur as she sets her eyes on a third possible venture!


Jodie Nielson

New Farm Confectionery

New Farm Confectionery was born out of a trip in France on the balcony contemplating what her personal life & business life could be. Jodie  originally studied as a chef and made the decision to open a quality confectionery company that has now expanded to two retail shops and is scaling fast. 

Jodie has just added a third premises for future growth.


Got Malual

Brisbane BIPOC: Modelling & Diversity

South-Sudanese born model, Got started a career in Brisbane before moving to Sydney to work for an agency full time. Got recognised the need for diversity in the creative and fashion industry, and started Brisbane BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour). Got’s mission is to champion resilience, strength and willingness to push through adversity for existing and emerging diverse artists. 

Kristy Booth-Lark

Killara Distillery: Gin, Whisky & Liqueur

Kristy is one of the few distilleries world-wide to be owned and operated by a woman. 

Kristy is a second generation distiller and has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally. She has now branched out to continue the family tradition, buying her own land where Killara is based in Richmond, TAS and is now growing her own ingredients for the future.

Lolita Daskalu-Glover

Lolita By Lolita: Social Media Influencer & Designer

Lolita has grown an audience and turning her following into loyal customers with her bespoke products called LolitaByLolita. This Sunshine Coast entrepreneur created a unique and successful business model from her audience. During a Covid lockdown Lolita made a ceramics collection from home and her products began selling out within minutes. Lolita is launching a third product line combining her two passions in business.

Samantha Connew

Stargazer Wines: Viticulture & Oenologist

Sam completed a double degree in law and arts before completing her post-graduate studies in winemaking and viticulture in her home country of New Zealand.

Drawn to Tasmania’s cold climate Sam established Stargazer Wines in 2013. 

She is a highly respected wine show judge and is passionate about mentoring other aspiring men and women interested in winemaking.

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