Affordable Audio: Recording
great Sound for your Videos

Do you want to record good video for your business but are on a budget?

Do you have little experience with camera or microphone recording equipment?

If so, the Rode Wireless Go is perfect for you. This article will go over why this product is great and how it can help get better audio in your videos.

I get asked a lot about recording audio with video, this topic comes up often because DSLR cameras have truly awful inbuilt microphones. Camera companies focus on the quality of the image, that’s their business – great image quality – its not audio recording, that comes in as a very low priority, which is clearly evident once you hear how your brand new DSLR sounds once you pushed the record button. Luckily there are a few audio companies that focus on the videography market that create very good quality microphones and recording equipment. One of these companies is called Rode. I have been using their microphones for years and I can attest that they offer some very high-quality products at a very good price point. Their Wireless Go microphone kit, which includes a receiver and transmitter comes in around $300 dollars.


In comparison to other wireless microphone systems I have used, it is tiny. Teeny tiny. So tiny that the transmitter, which has a microphone built in, can (and has) been used as a lapel microphone by many YouTube content creators. When used this way it is quite a good microphone, because it is close to the source of the audio you will need to capture – the on-camera persons voice. That is the trick to getting great usable audio recorded – get as close to the source of the sound as possible.



And at around $300 this is a great price point for the budding videographer that wants to record good audio without breaking their budget.

It also uses a rechargeable battery pack, so you never have to fiddle with batteries.

What I like most of all though, is the ease of use, its a simple piece of equipment that doesn’t have to be configured or calibrated – it just turns on and works, every single time.

Using the Wireless Go with a lavalier (lapel) microphone makes it even more attractive, Rode also sell small lapel mics specifically designed to be discreet and work with the Wireless Go system. With a lavalier microphone plugged in, you can mount the Wireless Go on the person out of sight, tuck the lavalier under the persons collar and you have an invisible wireless microphone that has a range of about 50 metres.

The range is excellent when you consider most people will be within a 5 metres of the camera most of the time.



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