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Our expert instructors will guide and teach you through everything they need to know about capturing high quality footage  and editing video that works well on any device or platform (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon etc). 

This Video Workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to create:

Learn about our video training course

Camera and Editing: 1 Day Workshop in Video Training Brisbane

Video is the future of content marketing, but it’s hard to get started.

You need to know how to edit video before you can start creating your own videos. If you want to create high quality videos that will help grow your business, then this course is for you.

This 1 day video editing workshop in Brisbane will teach you everything you need to know about camera set up and filming techniques so that when it comes time for editing, all of your footage looks amazing!

Using Adobe Premiere Pro, we’ll cover topics like color grading and audio mixing so that by the end of the day, not only do you have a better understanding of what goes into making great-looking videos but also some solid skills under your belt.

This is a personalised course designed specifically for small groups, delivered in-person and hands on, that have an idea of the type of video’s they want to create.

Our trainer will guide your team through the techniques that will have you confident to produce video to your specified goals.

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Video Content Training!

Are you looking to produce video content that will help your business grow?

We’re in the business of helping businesses create better videos. Our trainer will guide your team through the techniques that will have you confident to produce video to your specified goals. You’ll learn how to use a camera, lighting and sound equipment, as well as editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to put together a professional-looking video for any purpose!

We can help you achieve your goals by giving your team the tools needed for success. Your team are going to love this camera and video editing training because it’s fun and engaging while also being extremely useful.

They’re going to walk out feeling like they can do anything! And we know that after completing our course, your team will be understand how to produce content with a clear vision.

Do you want to start filming and editing videos? We show how in just 1 day. Our video courses are delivered in-person and 100% tailored for what works with your needs, so don’t waste months attempting to learn on YouTube or wasting time with generic group classes that won’t help at all!

Who is this Video Workshop designed to help?

This course will help you if:

  • You’re in a Businesses, Organisation, or Agency that needs to start creating your own videos.
  • You prefer to interact with someone that shows you exactly how it’s done.
  • You like to learn efficiently and effectively with distinct goals in mind.
  • You prefer a short course that’s structured around the type of videos you need to make.
  • You don’t want to or cannot continue to spend thousands on videographers.
  • You need a valuable career-changing skill that you can benefits you long term.
  • Want to learn video from a professional documentary filmmaker.
  • You are a small group of marketers wanting to upskill your video production ability.
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What's Included in this Workshop?

#1 Learn About Equipment

  • We can advise you on the type of gear for your budget and filming needs.
  • How to setup and use your lights, camera and microphones.
  • We’ll bring a variety of gear to practice on, or you can use your own.
  • Know when equipment is needed or not needed for you goals.
  • Get the most from your budget and video production needs.

#2 Camera Settings

  • Understand how to use the manual settings of your DSLR camera to get the highest quality footage.
  • Achieve clean shots with the correct exposure, focus, depth of field and audio levels.
  • Unlock the secrets of Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed & White Balance.
  • Learn how to apply frame rates for correct formats and some creativity.
  • Shoot in slow motion for speed ramping.
  • Know how to get your camera settings ready for your filming environment.

#3 Filming Basics, Techniques & Tricks

  • Hands-On practice filming a sequence of shots on the day.
  • Apply an easy-to-remember formula for interviewing subjects.
  • Be confident in getting people to be at ease on and comfortable on camera.
  • Shoot footage to enhance your video editing and match your interview.
  • Add cinematic style movements to give you video a more high quality feel.
  • Understand framing techniques and visual interest to take your shots up a notch in quality.
  • Make ‘run-of-the-mill’ shots look awesome using depth and selective focus.
  • Kick start using and apply your new camera skills by shooting your own footage on the day.

#4 Lighting Basics, Tricks & Techniques

  • Learn to use cost-effective LED panels to make your talent look amazing.
  • Make use of natural light.
  • How to shoot in difficult lighting.
  • Understand colour temperature and white balance.

#5 Recording Sound

  • Techniques for recording cleanest possible audio.
  • Learn to use lavalier microphones and affordable wireless microphones systems.
  • How to monitor and adjust audio levels.
  • Adding atmosphere with music for your final production.

#6 Video Editing Skills

  • You’ll get a complete walkthrough of the entire video editing process using Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Hands-on experience editing your interviews for storytelling purposes.
  • Learn how to import footage and use file management tips for staying organised.
  • Bring in graphic design, logo’s and pictures as well as titles and simple lower thirds motion graphics.
  • Add Colour Correction to your footage to take it from bland to grand.
  • Learn the most effective and efficient workflow and streamline your video editing.
  • You will learn popular video export formats and screen sizes for popular social media networks.

Workshop in Video Production Brisbane

If you’re looking to get started in video editing, it can be hard to know where to start!

This Video Production Course is perfect for a small group or individual beginner who wants a foundation of knowledge or someone with experience that needs some tips and tricks. It’s also great for anyone interested in learning about color grading!

We will teach you how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which is an industry-standard editing software used by professionals all over the world.

Our Video Editing Workshop includes everything you need to take your video skills up a notch and help create better videos for your business, marketing career or passionate side project.

You’ll learn camera skills like framing shots and using lenses as well as technical aspects such as white balance, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure control.

The editing component of the workshop will cover basic post-production techniques such as importing footage into Premiere Pro, adding graphics, setting audio levels correctly, applying color grading and more! At the end of this training, you’ll have the confidence to shoot your own footage to make high quality content and edit them all the way to a final cut of your video.

Video Training Brisbane Image
Video Training Brisbane Image

Video Editing

Video editing can be very frustrating but don’t worry, this workshop will provide you with the skills needed to edit videos and create professional content that can attract more clients or customers. Your video’s will be able to compete with rival professional video producers

Video workshops are essential for anyone who wants to know how video works from start to finish.

Digital cameras and filming techniques have come a long way since they were first used in the 1970s. Video cameras are now able to shoot at high frame rates, have better low-light performance, and take amazing footage.

Your trainer Jason a passionate film maker, is a veteran of 1000’s of video productions who has shot everything from television commercials (TVC’s) to online training videos, motion graphics marketing videos, and feature-length documentary films. Jason also has a teaching background having conducted hundreds of training hours with small groups, workshops, and courses including web design, graphics, filmmaking, animation, motion graphics, and interview skills courses.

So whether your videos will be destined for social media, eLearning courses content or you are a passionate filmmaker with a brilliant idea for the perfect marketing video, you will learn to edit video with your own equipment using the most effective and efficient editing workflow possible. You will have an in-depth understanding of the editing process and gain the valuable skill and confidence to shoot your own videos and share online the finished production or publish wherever you need them.

One of the most valuable skills to edit video is to shoot usable footage, so in these workshops we cover how to effectively choose shots that will appear that you have vast filmmaking experience and advanced editing skills.

You will be able to confidently join in with a community of creative people and let your talent shine through every video production you need to create.

Camera Skills

The world of DSLR video can be very complex and frustrating!

But with the right training, you can master your camera and create awesome videos for your business or personal projects. This is why we created a series of video courses that will teach you how to use a DSLR camera to create great looking videos on any budget!

Our in-person video course will show you exactly what it takes to start making high quality videos using just a regular digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR). You’ll learn everything from the basics like choosing the right gear, composing shots, dealing with lighting issues, audio techniques and much more. 

We’ve also included some advanced tips on editing so that you can make sure your final result looks professional even if it’s not shot in a studio by a professional cameraman. 

So whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or just want to learn how to take better marketing videos – Docuo’s Video Training is perfect for anyone interested in learning.

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Why you need a Video Editing Course

Docuo’s Video Training is a premier provider of multimedia in Brisbane, Australia that has been helping people for more than ten years with their digital marketing needs. This 1 day video editing course will help you understand how to create your own videos, edit them and upload quality content online so that you can attract new customers or clients with your amazing new skill set.

Hands On training is essential because it helps you understand how to capture video from start to finish and video editing can make the difference between bland, uninspiring video to high quality video with a strong message.

Our trainers understand that people have different learning styles so we custom tailor every workshop to your needs.

Through our 1 day workshops, we teach a simple but effective hands on method of filming and video editing will increase your skill level and have you started filming with your own equipment, creating footage using the best settings on your DSLR camera or even Mobile Phone.

Choosing the right messaging for your video, adding background music to set up the video editing environment and complete any video production using Adobe Premiere Pro.

What is the role of a Video Editor?

A video editor is the key to making any film or video come alive. These people take raw footage, put it all together in one place and turn the vision into something that can be seen by an audience everywhere! A great editor can transform a mediocre idea that was badly shot into a compelling and interesting final video. 

A Video Editor can use a range of post-production processes to create and edit videos which can be used in many different ways. When done correctly an editor will be able to create their own video content, edit it and upload amazing quality videos for all to see. 

Through our video editing course, you will learn to use simple but effective techniques you can apply across 100’s of videos, whether for a small business, as part of a corporate marketing team or the Queensland Government – these video editing skills will advance your video productions to the next level. 

For most people beginning their filmmaking journey, the finished video will go to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other social media – so we will cover how to export to your new video production to these formats.

Knowing How to Shoot Video with different formats in mind and exporting completed videos into those formats will allow a greater control over the look and feel of the video and better fit within the intended platform it will be published to.

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Brisbane Video Training

What is Video Production?

Video production is a series of steps taken in order to produce the final films. Productions generally start with an idea and evolve into a script that is then worked, reworked and finalised into a screenplay.

In the raw form, videos are collections of images and sounds captured by multiple cameras at different times.

Video productions usually consist of – a camera operator, a director, an editor, a producer, and any number of other people depending on the production’s size and scope, the typical marketing vide0 production is a small group.

Finished videos can be distributed via DVDs, Video’s on Demand (VOD) services,  broadcast on TV, online through Streaming Services such as YouTube, Facebook Video, Instagram, Netflix, Stan, or Amazon Prime on Demand

Video productions can also be used for Commercial Marketing or Corporate Films Production – for example for product demonstrations, company presentations or event coverage.

Film Production is a creative field, which means new ideas and techniques are constantly being created, while traditional owners of media rights to use in productions are always in demand.

Filmmaking techniques are some of the most effective and powerful ways of conveying a story and creating an impact.

Most smart marketing understand the impact of motion pictures ability to capture attention, which is why almost all marketers will use films to demonstrate themes and ideas in everything ranging from elearning content through to Facebook advertising campaigns and everything in between.

Frequently Asked Questions
We can either come directly to your premises or your small group can come to our Hamilton location for a full-day videography and editing workshop. The day is split into 2 halves – filming and editing. The first half of the day is focused on your video strategy and your needs. Then we move on to camera skills, getting camera settings ready, shooting useable footage, and framing. The second half of the day we move on to editing your footage, color correction, adding titles, logo’s and graphics – then exporting the final result.

Think of our workshops as tailored training programs in which you’ll be able to really take away key ideas and skills. We’re all about making your video creation process more personal, so please get in touch with us if there are any types of videos that interest or excite you!

Our videography workshops are entirely personalised to you and your needs. You can be a complete beginner that has never held a DSLR and wants to learn video or if you have some experience and want to improve your skills. You’ll be guided through a series of basics and a step-by-step process adapted to your knowledge level. No experience is necessary – but if you have experience we will tailor the workshops to your needs.

Absolutely. We will teach you on your own equipment or you can use our equipment.

We find it best to use your equipment and becoming familiar with it as soon as possible, always translates into you being more comfortable and confident.

Before the workshop, we will ask you for a list of your equipment to help us prepare a tailor-made package that best suits your needs.

What if I don’t have any equipment yet?

That’s not an issue. We will bring all the necessary gear for you to get up to speed. We can also advise you on the most appropriate gear you should purchase for the filming conditions and outcome you are striving for.

If you need to purchase equipment before the workshops – please contact us for recommendations.

Our courses and workshops are run on a bookings basis. Please get in touch to reserve your place!

Before the day, we’ll ask you for some examples of the types and styles of videos that interest you, so it’s best to have something in mind before you book. We’re looking forward to find out more about who will be coming with us through these creative adventures together!

If we are coming to your workplace then it is necessary that you provide the space for us. We require a room with HDMI connection capabilities, a large screen or projector to plug into as well an area close by where interviews and b-roll footage can be filmed without disrupting other work happening in the same environment.

For practice, we always encourage our clients to come up with their own ideas for a short video that is achievable and relevant for your team. We then practice filming an interview, capturing background footage, and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro into a polished final product. 

We’ll learn Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing. You can download the 7-day free trial prior to this workshop, please check out their recommended system requirements if you’re not sure whether your laptop/notebook computer is suitable! 

We use Adobe Premiere Pro as it is powerful enough to create anything you’ll need, but simple and well built so that anyone can learn. It is also the most likely editing program any of your team will encounter in the field.

6 People. We want to ensure everyone has the best learning outcomes, understands the techniques we’ll be using, and has ample time to practice the essentials. We find that any more than 6 people can be a compromise. If you have more than 6 people, it may be more advantageous to split the group into separate days if possible. Please let us know and we’ll help arrange something.

We will be capturing your own footage during the day. if you have other footage you would like to use with the new footage, we’ll need to make sure it is accessible during the day, on a drive that is accessible by the computers we are using that day. 

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